MADS NØRGAARD x FOS - The Store at Strøget

We are proud to present our collaboration with the Danish artist FOS.
At Mads Nørgaard we have a natural outlook to the arts, and we are often working closely with artists - both in the designing of our clothes and as inspiration at our offices and stores. FOS has always been an inspiration to us and has been creating interiors in both our stores in Aarhus and in Tullinsgade. FOS’ artistic practice moves through many genres and materials; It encompasses, in the broadest sense, sculpture, installation, music, architecture, and design. Each supports the other in making spaces that works can “enter”. This may give the object - be it art or design - a more flexible idea. Therefore it seemed natural to invite FOS to create the interior of the Mads Nørgaard-women department at our store at Strøget in Copenhagen. The design of the store at Strøget includes every item from lamps, racks and fitting rooms to the colors and textures of the walls, ceiling and floor.

FOS and Mads Nørgaard says: We have worked together a number of times over the years, but this is our most ambitious collaboration to date.
Fashion is about so much more than the clothes themselves – Art is about so much more than the artwork itself – they illustrate to us our sociality while we are there. This we would like to amplify. We celebrate the physical space, and the social actions happening there.
Come see for yourself!

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