The Nørgaard paa Strøget Nova Shorts is a redesign of the classic #101 t-shirt designed by Jørgen Nørgaard in 1967. The shorts have a loose fit with a drawstring closing on top and are produced in our sewing room in Korsør (DK). The fabric is knitted in Ikast (DK) from 100% BCI cotton. The NPS Shorts are one-size but come in two different lengths.

    • #101 FACTORY

      Have you ever wondered how our iconic #101 T-shirts are made? We have been visiting our sewing factory in Korsør, to get a glimpse of all the steps turning 1 meter of cotton into 1 long sleeved 101 T-shirt.

    • #MY101

      Nørgaard Paa Strøget's #101 T-shirt was designed in 1967 by Jørgen Nørgaard. The t-shirt is knitted, dyed and sewn in Denmark and is made from 100% bci Cotton. The #101 T-shirt is one-size, but comes in two different lengths. The long-sleeved t-shirt is produced in three different types of stripes and in all the different colours of the rainbow.