Next Generation

Over the years, Mads Nørgaard has collaborated with upcoming talents in the Danish art scene. We support their journey and give them exposure while they inspire us by connecting the dots in new ways. 

Recent projects include Billig Knipning by photographer Nicolai Møller, presenting portraits of young people in Odense wearing the #101 t-shirt while having a mullet haircut for 80 kroner and reflecting pure and unspoiled youth; cutting-edge Icon Visions exploring genderless and new takes on our #101 styles; emerging agency and fashion brand Phanta working with exaggerated redesigns of Mads Nørgaard classics and digital collectible NFTs; designer Nova Nørgaard – the fourth generation of the Nørgaard family in the business – presenting limited collections the NPS Nova pants in the #101 quality.



We have also been proud to work with Cecilie Bahnsen, Asger Juul Larsen, Emilie Helstedt, Maja Brix and many others – some solely on their version of the #101 t-shirt and others in more elaborate collaborations.