We walk the beautiful streets of Copenhagen and breathe its air every single day. The city is Mads Nørgaard's home, and after giving us so much, we try to give back too.

These projects focus on preserving the city's unique and memorable places and keeping the city open, inclusive, culturally diverse, and green.

Selected projects


The boisterous Palads building stands out in Copenhagen's urban landscape. Inside, it's an old and worn-out cinema. Outside, the building's colorful façade, decorated by artist Poul Gernes, dares to be something other buildings are not. The building was threatened with demolition by the owner, but we believed it was worth preserving.

In 2021, the Gernes-Fonden and Mads Nørgaard designed a #101 t-shirt with colors by Ulrikka Gernes, daughter of Poul Gernes. The profits financed a competition to find the future purpose of the Palads building. The Gernes-Fonden organized the competition with the exhibition space Copenhagen Contemporary, which resulted in the Love & Candyfloss exhibition in the Autumn of 2021. 

The winners were AVPD, DSA ARK STUDIO, KAAK and Olivia Toftum. The building's owner, Egmont, eventually abandoned plans to demolish the building and instead chose to preserve the building's shell – and the colourful façade. 




You can find our shops on the square Amagertorv on Copenhagen's pedestrian street Strøget.

In 1993, the square was run down and desperately needed new paving. Jørgen Nørgaard – founder of Nørgaard på Strøget and second generation in the business – proposed, sponsored, and fundraised for a renovation with the help of good neighbours and the City of Copenhagen.

Artist Bjørn Nørgaard (no relation) designed the iconic paving – a pattern of rose, black, yellow, and grey granite pentagons. In 1994, the City of Copenhagen gave the new square an award for the beautiful design that we still enjoy on Amagertorv today. A small homage to Jørgen and Bjørn is carved in the stones on the northernmost part of the square, opposite our shop.

Linden trees on Højbro Plads

In 1998, Jørgen Nørgaard donated 22 linden trees to the central square Højbro Plads to keep it a green space for the city's visitors and residents.