It’s the striped t-shirt that won the world. More than 3 million of our famed 101s have been sold since 1967. In Scandinavia and beyond people have worked, danced and kissed in the 101… fallen in love wearing it, spilled tears and broken up in it – worn it doing the laundry on rainy Sunday afternoons. 

The story of the 101 begins one cold January morning, when my father put the first batch of neatly folded ribbed t-shirts on the shelves of the store in Copenhagen. He called his t-shirt the 101, after California’s Highway 101, a road that dreams were made on. 

The only thing that has changed about the 101 in the fifty years since is the colours, 40 variations every season. We make the t-shirts in our factory in Denmark and keep the price as low as we can, as close as we can to the original. We want the 101 to be an accessible, affordable basic for everyone. The world is constantly in flux, some things have got to remain the same. 

– Mads Nørgaard 

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    • #101 FACTORY

      Have you ever wondered how our iconic #101 T-shirts are made? We have been visiting our sewing factory in Korsør, to get a glimpse of all the steps turning 1 meter of cotton into 1 long sleeved 101 T-shirt.

    • #MY101

      Nørgaard Paa Strøget's #101 T-shirt was designed in 1967 by Jørgen Nørgaard. The t-shirt is knitted, dyed and sewn in Denmark and is made from 100% bci Cotton. The #101 T-shirt is one-size, but comes in two different lengths. The long-sleeved t-shirt is produced in three different types of stripes and in all the different colours of the rainbow.