A Tropical State of Mind – Mads Nørgaard meets Daniel van der Noon


In collaboration with the British artist Daniel van der Noon (1988), Mads Nørgaard has created an exclusive men's collection featuring prints from van der Noon's works.

Somewhere in between fashion and art is an unexplored and intriguing force field of creativity. This time around, we’re searching this creative shadow land together with the vastly talented artist Daniel van der Noon. In other words, we’re proud to present our latest collaborative effort.

The inspiration behind this joint venture takes us to countries far away. At least in spirit. Places where seasons don’t exist, plants don’t go into dormancy and life seems care free. Somewhere tropical, warm and nothing but a distant dream for the majority.

Through his travels to Miami, Florida, Daniel van der Noon has worked with the notion of a seeming paradise. But perhaps it’s all just an illusion of one such. He has transformed this feeling in to a caricatured, almost distorted style of palms, art deco buildings and blocks of pastel colors.

The collection consist of a short sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, two t-shirts and a reinterpretation of our classic striped 101 t-shirt. All five styles are available in limited numbers with a release Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at our stores at Strøget and Tullinsgade. The collection is also available online.


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