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Meet Luanda in Berlin

Luanda Schuster – also known as “Frau Schuster”. Drag artist living in Berlin.

Meet Luanda in Berlin

Describe Berlin with three words
"Cunty. Free spirit. Dark."  

What are your favorite spots in Berlin?
"My three favorite spots that I think you should check out are first of all “The Betty Fuck Bar”. It is a queer nightlife bar in Mitte. Second place is “SchwuZ” – a queer culture club with amazing drag performances."

What makes Berlin different from other European capitals?
"I think Berlin is different from other capitals because it brings so many different people together from all over the world. Berlin offers so many different sub-cultures. Not only the party life that a lot of people connect with Berlin, it is also an amazing artistic city."

Watch the reel with Luanda Schuster on @madsnorgaard here


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