The people around us

Many of us take our health and security for granted and overlook people who live an insecure existence on the fringes of society. At Mads Nørgaard, we are committed to supporting disadvantaged groups with resources to improve their circumstances.  

The people around us


Children pay the highest price for war. More than half a million people have fled Ukraine, and it is estimated that 7,5 million Ukrainian children are in danger.

In March 2021, we designed and sold a #101 t-shirt in Ukrainian colors and donated the profits to Save the Children to support their urgent aid work for millions of children and their families. The idea came from our fabric supplier Thygesen Birk in Ikast, Denmark, and was supported by the dyeing mill Kemo Tekstil in Herning, Denmark. They supplied the fabric and did the dyeing for free, and all profits were donated to Save the Children.


Red Barnet / Save the Children

Mads Nørgaard supports Red Barnet (Save the Children) and its mission to care for the rights and well-being of children.

We collaborated with to create a knit kit containing yarn and the design recipe for knitting your own Mads Nørgaard sweater. Profits from sales are donated to Save The Children.


Mændenes Hjem

Mændenes Hjem (the Men's Home for Homeless) is a public institution in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. It offers social and health services to socially marginalized groups, such as people addicted to drugs or without a home.

We regularly support Mændenes Hjem – be it warm sweaters to help them get through the cold Danish winter or the money we received from a knitter who got at fine for copying our famous sailor sweaters.