March 8 program in Nørgaard paa Strøget
Kick off International Women’s Day in Nørgaard paa Strøget and join a panel-talk with Ursula Reuter Christiansen and spoken word performances by 12 strong writers.

09.00 – 11.00
Conversation between artist Ursula Reuter Christiansen, curator Birgitte Anderberg, gender sociologist Cecilie Nørgaard and curator Mai Dengsøe. Moderated by art critic Maria Kjær Themsen.

Limited seats avaliable. Updated: All seats taken.

11.30 – 17.00
Spoken word performances based on the iconic quote from Ursula Reuter Christiansen’s art film ‘Skarpretteren’ (The Executer) from 1971: ”Fat Mod. Det næste store øjeblik i historien tilhører os!” (Courage! The next great moment in history is ours!).

11:30 – Aaiún Nin 
11:50 – Ursula Andkjær Olsen 
12:10 – Nazila Kivi 
13:30 – Fie Martens Ljungmann 
13:50 – Cecilie Lind 
14:10 – Emma Rosenzweig 
14:30 – Pernille Abd-el Dayem 
14:50 – Sabitha Söderholm 
15:10 – Asta Olivia Nordenhof 
15:30 – Melanie Kitti
15:50 – Stine Pilgaard 
16:20 – Jessie Kleemann 

This part of the programme is open for everyone.

Thank you to South into North and Mangfold.
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