VP & Development Director, Danish Fashion Institute

Where to go?
I mostly work during the summer because of Copenhagen Fashion Week in the beginning of August, so I will spend my weekends road tripping around the countryside in my car, Polly Jean, named after PJ Harvey, and visit friends and family in beach houses in Rørvig, Lynæs and Sjællands Odde. In August I might sneak off to a deserted sunny beach somewhere down south and in October I am planning a big road trip to the Southwestern part of the US.
What to do?
Enjoy the company of friends and family, read a lot of books, update my site with new travel inspiration and ideas.
What to eat?
Whatever goes on the grill, but always organic and plenty of vegetables. I love shopping for locally grown vegetables at farms in the Danish countryside. At Sjællands Odde I always go to the farm Birkemosegaard, which has specialised in biodynamic farming. From their farm shop you can buy the best homegrown vegetables and fruit. There is something quite special about Danish potatoes and strawberries in the summer time, it is as good as it gets.
What to drink?
Homemade lemonade and lots of chilled wine in the company of friends and family.
What to wear?
Something with stripes, naturally.
Where to swim?
This summer I will be doing most of my swimming at Sjællands Odde, Rørvig or Lynæs.  
What or who to avoid?
Rain and Donald Trump.
What to listen to?
I will spend the summer creating the ultimate playlists for the US road trip in October so I will be looking through the archives for music for the long drives in the desert. A bit of rock’n’roll with a twist of folk/country seems fitting for the US highways, but I will let the music lead the way. It could be anything from Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, America, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, New Order, The Cure, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.
What not to run out of?
Ice cream, sun lotion and rosé
Phone on or off?
Silent mode.
Most important difference between holiday and everyday life?
Travelling. I do travel for work, but my holidays spent exploring the world are the times, where I am able to clear my mind and find the focus and inspiration that I need in my everyday life. 
The best ice cream?
I mostly get my ice cream fix just around the corner from my home. Always strawberry. Siciliansk Is at Vesterbro makes the best organic Italian style ice cream.

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