Now you can be creative, well-dressed and support a great cause at the same time. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Our most recent collaboration is quite an unusual one: We have teamed up with Knithouse Denmark, a company donating all revenue from all activities to Red Barnet, the Danish division of Save the Children.

We have donated the rights to the pattern and the fit, and after that the fine women from Knithouse have created a knit recipe for our iconic Icelandic sweater. This means that you don’t buy the sweater. You buy the knitting kit and knit the sweater yourself.

The yarn is super soft, Peruvian Highland Wool from from Filcolana. The pattern is quite simple, the process is not that time consuming and the knitting project is great for beginners.

We couldn’t come up with a cozier activity for the dark winter months. Now, the question remains: Do you have enough time before Christmas to knit your own collection of Mads Nørgaard sweater gifts to your entire family?

Get your knitting kit from Knithouse Denmark HERE.

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