Kaswell London Diary

For our London Diary we have teamed up with London-based cool-kid, college-student and photographer Kaswell who took us around London to some of his favorite spots.

Kaswell and his team of mates, Tom, Charlotte, Lillie, Jan and Millie took us on tour round Brick Lane East London with its hectic markets, narrow roads surrounded by Georgian buildings and a tidal wave of people all milling around. Shot on his skateboard, on 35mm Kodak color film Kaswell captures the true vibe and the historic graffiti that gives the area its own distinct life.

The team skates on to St. Pauls to put color on an otherwise most grey office building area. Soon after China Town as a dichotic opposite to St. Pauls served us Chinese style popcorn Chicken and bubble tea.

Trafalger Square and Betong Parks skate spots were also introduced and finally we ended up at skate heaven Southbank with views over the Thames.

Cheers to Kaswell and his mates for their tour around their London. 

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