Okay people, it’s time to go and look at some art. Good friend of Mads Nørgaard and collaborator on numerous occasions, David Shrigley, is currently showing new art at Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen. His new solo exhibition is titled COLOURED WORKS ON PAPER, and it is just that.

All art works displayed are exactly the same size and another common denominator is the choice of materials; acrylic on paper that is. This new exhibition of his is a pleasant reminder of why we are so fond of David Shrigleys amazing art. Both colorful and full of vivid shapes and figures, Shrigleys work also have an amazing ability to pinpoint some of the worries we all experience as citizens in a modern and sometimes chaotic society. COLOURED WORKS ON PAPER is David Shrigley exactly as we know and love him.

Here at Mads Nørgaard, we have previously had the pleasure of working with David Shrigley. Back in 2012 he designed the print on a series of sweatshirts and tees, he was the man behind the artwork for the 2014 launch of our web shop and, most recently when Shrigley, in his usual quirky manor, did all illustrations for our series of mens underwear.

In 2016 we also look forward to David Shrigleys decoration of the Fourth Plinth in front of The National Gallery on London’s famous Trafalgar Square. The selected artwork for the plinth, a large bronze sculpture, is depicting a hand signaling thumbs up, with the thumb stretching 10 meters into the air. Maybe we should join forces again soon?

Make sure you stop by Galleri Nicolai Wallner while the Shrigley-show is in town.

Galleri Nicolai Wallner, January 15th - March 5th, 2016
Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, 1760 Copenhagen V

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