The Favorite Journal - Isuru

The Favorite Journal - Isuru

Here comes The Favorite Journal...

The monthly journal explores our always-in-stock Favorite styles on our staff - from our design department through the warehouse and to the stores.
This month Isuru Mapatigama takes us on a cinematic journey. Wearing the Favorite suit - the Bond blazer and the Panton pants - Isuru shows us his favorite spot in town; the cinema Palads, color scheme by Poul Gernes.

Isuru works as part of the sales team and as buyer assistant for the men's department in Nørgaard Paa Strøget. His personal style, great attention to details and sharp memory has been indispensable for costumers as well as colleagues in the 3 years he has been part of the house. 


Why did you choose to wear the Favorite suit
(Bond blazer and Panton pants)?

"I love the possibilities of the suit. 
The balance between the formal and the informal is very interesting. If you hit the balance right, you will get an outfit that is presentable but still toned down - and personal. 
It is important to me that you see personality, especially when you wear a uniform, which the suit can be. The choice of shoes is a perfect way to create something outstanding when you are wearing a rather simple suit."

What makes Palads special to you?

"When you are surrounded by beautiful things and people all the time, you have a tendency to take it and them for granted.
Until you get the feeling of loosing it all. 

Palads falls into that category. 
It is an unusual beautiful and big building with a grand shape. The building’s edgy and colorful facade is absolutely fascinating. The building draws references to Art Deco and I love that! There’s no building like Palads in Denmark. 
We would all be poorer if we were to loose it."