Colorful Stripes

Colorful Stripes

They just love colors in Celine Hallas' home. Both in the decor of their beautiful apartment, which is an explosion of colors and shapes, and in the closet where Celine and her daughter Sienna share a love for print. We visited Celine and Sienna in their home in Nyhavn for a cup of coffee and a talk about colors. 


Describe your work and the projects you are working on.

I work as a photographer and with visual concept development for brands in interior and fashion. In connection to that, I have started a new project this year, building my Instagram profile to be a platform where I can work more with my main goal in life, namely challenging people to dare more. My Instagram is a space where I try to scrape off the ever present layer of dulness that tends to be a factor in many Danish people's perspective on life, by challenging them on what is possible when it comes to colors, interior, photography and art.

How is your relationship to colors and how do you use colors in your interior design?

I have a very passionate relationship with colors and how they can completely change moods and expressions - and I think I've always felt that way. I remember as a child dreaming about how things should be decorated and with what colors - and spending quite some time and effort getting the acceptance to paint my room in various colors. Now I am both hyperconscious about what colors we use on our home and at the same time not conscious about it at all. Color combinations and tones tend to pile up in my mind unconsciously and then pop up when I need them. It is very intuitive. Over time, they become a home, a photo or something completely different.

How do you include colors in your wardrobe?

When I was younger, my wardrobe was VERY colorful. It isn't really anymore. After becoming a little fat old lady I have become very fond of black as my base color, but the colors do still sneak in here and there. But what's kind of funny is that people always remember me as someone who wears very colorful clothes, even if what I was wearing was actually black. My only explanation is that the colors come from within.

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