Digital director, Cover

My favourite place in Copenhagen is Istedgade. I’ve lived in almost every part of the city but my very favourite is Vesterbro - the Meatpacking, the West Cemetery where I go for long walks and Værnedamsvej are all close. My apartment is on the corner of Valdemarsgade and Istedgade and I’ve had it for four years.

I like the way the street changes from the Central Station all the way down to Enghave Plads. If you walk from the Central Station you’ll find cheap hotels, sex shops, street prostitutes and drug dealers that slowly intertwines with bodegas, halal butchers and questionable newsstands. After Gasværksvej, the street becomes more gentrified with families, wine bars and great restaurants in the side streets, but you’ll still find greengrocers open almost 24/7. Istedgade is both ends - the two extremes are what makes it a great place.

I meet lots of people. Both friends and people that has grown to become a part of Istedgade. The neatly dressed older man out for his afternoon walk. The two people always having breakfast and coffee in the bakery. The old transwoman in her fabulous outfits. All of them are part of what makes Vesterbro and especially Istedgade so interesting, so diverse. It’s always been full of archetypes and I hope it stays that way. I drink my coffee at Riccos. I enjoy wine and casual meet-ups at Bevi Bevi. Osteria 16 and Vesterbros Vinstue are both casual but good restaurants. And to end a late night it’s hard to avoid Star Midnight’s homemade kebab with lamb and extra chili before I hit the sheets.

I like the idea of a hyperlocal community. I grew up in the countryside and I think a sense of community is important even if I don’t talk with everyone. The fact that I recognize people and see them almost everyday is a true pleasure.