Augusta Glahn-Abrahamsen
27 years old, Project Manager at KarriereKanonen and Radio Journalist at DR P6 Beat

My favourite place in Copenhagen is Mirabelle in Guldbergsgade in Nørrebro. I visit the cafe at least three times every week. If I didn’t worry about my health I would stop by Mirabelle every single morning and eat a croissant.

I used to live in Vesterbro but since I moved to Nørrebro two years ago I’ve completely fallen in love with the neighborhood. The streets, the kebab joints and the restaurants. There is so much going on around here; new places opening all the time and still Nørrebro remains true to its diversity and soul.

To me, Mirabelle started as a morning place. I discovered they had and still have the best croissants in the city. I like that it’s really low-key, sometimes they even play Wu-Tang Clan, and at the same time they serve a healthy, organic bun. Everything in there is laid back, except for how serious they are when it comes to their food.

I live just around the corner and Mirabelle has become the go to place with family and friends. Many of my friends live in the same area, and Mirabelle is just a super nice place to catch up and grab a bite without it being neither too expensive nor too formal.

I think it’s important to live a place where things are moving fast. Living in the city, I think it’s nice to be in a lively area. My apartment is very close to Wascator, Sabotøren and Essen with lots going on, I can enter De Gamles By where it’s silent and plenty room for thought, and two minutes in the opposite direction I find myself on Nørrebrogade with bus 5A driving past every two minutes. The contrast is just wonderful.