Together with AIDS-Fondet, the Danish non-profit AIDS Foundation, we’ve had the pleasure of designing an exclusive special edition of our T-shirt. 80 DKK of each sold T-shirt will benefit AIDS-Fondet and their ultra-important work towards a world without AIDS and discrimination of people living with the HIV-virus.

Also, we’re proud to present the Danish international super model Josephine Skriver as the ambassador for this very meaningful collaborative effort between Mads Nørgaard and AIDS-Fondet. Josephine is born and raised in a rainbow family, and she has openly fought for the rights of homosexuals all over the world and been a vocal advocate for the battle against AIDS in USA, where she currently resides. This project marks Josephine’s first partnership with AIDS-Fondet and their work towards better rights for people living with HIV.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Mads Nørgaard. I fondly remember that his iconic striped T-shirts were the item to have, especially during my high school years. Naturally, many of my birthday wishes and spare money was spent on stripes, and I believe that I had almost every colorway. The fact that I’m now able to do a photo shoot in this special edition is quite an important and nostalgic thing to me.” – Josephine Skriver.

Equality and diversity are both monumental values at Mads Nørgaard — Copenhagen. We’re very proud of our broad and diverse group of customers, and our employees also represent a wide variety of age, gender and ethnicity. AIDS-Fondet has launched a social media campaign under the hashtag #smukkeliv to celebrate life in general. Because every life is beautiful - no matter your gender, sexuality or HIV-status.

The special edition T-shirt will be launched on the 18th of August in connection with Copenhagen Pride Week.