Short days and dark hours are on the menu in November. Rather than barricading yourself inside, we encourage you to put on your warmest winter coat and go get a big mouthful of fresh air. Enjoy the scent of autumn, the beautiful change of color and go foraging for mushrooms with good friends. Not that bad after all. Here is what else you should be doing: Our guide to November.

Go global in Vesterbro
If Vesterbro wasn’t already a culinary melting pot, the latest couple of restaurants sure helped the cause. Two of the most interesting new eateries in, not just Vesterbro, but the entirety of Copenhagen. Time to taste the world.

First up is Mangal.The latest addition to the restaurant-dense Meatpacking District and one of the first places to bring the Turkish barbecue food-tradition to the Danish capital. Mangal is doing a modern take on a traditional Turkish mangal dinner paired with Turkish wine and Turkish cocktails. The one with Ayran yoghurt, Scotch whiskey and tequila especially caught our eyes. We suspect Mangal to be deliciously spicy.

Flæsketorvet 50 - 52
1711 Vesterbro

Right around the corner from Mangal is the brand new Japanese joint, Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar. In Japan, Izakaya is a place to drink and eat simple yet great food in a casual setting. And it translates very well to Danish. Food, drinks, decor and vibe all go hand in hand. Jah Izakaya is here to prove that Japanese food is much more than sushi. This could easily become your new hangout. Book a table before the hype machine starts to spin.

Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar
Gasværksvej 21
1656 Vesterbro

Let the story unfold
We reckon that November will be filled to the brim with both windy and rainy days. Luckily the talented bunch behind Third Ear is back with a brand new podcast. Together with Politiken, Third Ear is inviting you in to the story of a mysterious Norwegian lady and alleged cancer patient who checks into an artist refugium near Skive in the middle of Jutland. Needless to say, everything is not as it appears. Listen in every Tuesday for the next seven weeks.

Third Ear x Politiken
Kvinden med den tunge kuffert (Danish only)
New episode every Tuesday
Starting 25th of October

Pictures in Motion
It’s time to celebrate film once again. CPH:PIX is back and the annual film festival is definitely one of the more popular things to do during November. Sprawled throughout Copenhagen, CPH:PIX is a welcome chance to broaden you horizon beyond IMAX blockbusters and Netflix. The venues are spanning from the National Museum of Denmark to Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, and every imaginable cinema and theatre in between. No matter how niche your preferences are, CPH:PIX got you covered.

27th of October - 9th of November
Multiple locations

The end of one thing, the beginning of another
There’s are few better things to do in the autumn than a trip to the museum. Of our two favorites, one is nearing it’s end and the other has just begun, one is in Copenhagen and one is up north. Go see one, the other or maybe both.

Let’s begin with what’s ahead. The mother of giant spiders, Louise Bourgeois, is the subject of a new exhibition in Louisiana. Mostly evolving around her distinctive cells, this one is also suitable for any art interested arachnophobic. Bourgeois took up her cells-project at the age of eighty and it is some of her most intriguing work. This is art made to make you contemplate.

Louise Bourgeois
Structures of Existence: The Cells
13th of October - 26th of February 2017
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Strandvej 13
3050 Humlebæk

Afterlife, after hours.
This popular exhibition in the incredibly beautiful Glyptoteket has been prolonged for another month. And if you are a slow starter, this is the last call. Evolving around the life, death and afterlife in ancient rome and the city of Crustumerium, the sinister theme is probably even more fitting now as it’s getting darker around of. The obvious time to go see it is on Thursdays when the museum is open after hours.

Until 20th of November
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Dantes Plads 7
1556 København

Keep yourself well-read
There is a brand new magazine in town. Dossier Magazine is targeting the modern man and providing good reads, straight to the point. The team behind is a solid combination of seasoned veterans and young talent, and judging by the contents of the first issue, it’s boding well for Dossier. Pick up your issue together with Elle, in Magasin or in Copenhagen Airport and read about the likes of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Bjarke Ingels and many more.

Dossier #1
Out 27th of October