Mads Nørgaard Quilted Jacket

Mads Nørgaard Quilted Jacket

The popular Janus jacket from Mads Nørgaard was first produced in 1995. The thermo jacket, inspired by Danish workwear brand Kansas, has since become a classic in its own right. Its qualities as extra layer in the winter and transition jacket in the spring and fall make the thermo jacket forever relevant. That's why the Janus jacket is always in production at Mads Nørgaard. We always have the Janus jacket in stock in the most classic colors and each season we add new colors. Learn about this men's jacket, and our thermo clothes for women and children.


The Kansas Jacket

The inspiration for the Janus jacket comes from the Kansas Jacket, produced by Kansas. A thermal jacket, which for many years was mostly associated with gardeners, caretakers and farmers - the working class, really. Perhaps for that very reason, this design icon for many years did not receive the recognition it truly deserves. We are proud to have helped change that. In 2011, we were lucky enough to be allowed to work with Kansas on our very own version of their original thermal jacket. This collaboration became what many today simply refer to as the Kansas Jacket - the classic Kansas thermo jacket with Mads Nørgaard's orange zipper closure on the chest pocket. The jacket is no longer in production, but can still be seen in the cityscape and is always a popular item at stock sales and second hand stores.

”One of the biggest inspirational sources of my designs is workwear of all kinds - fisherman sweaters, jeans, pilot jackets and thermo clothing. I've always been fond of the 'warehouse jacket' from Kansas, which I think is an overlooked design icon in Denmark - everyone knows it and it is both complete and innovative, when it comes to the design. When we created our Janus jacket in the mid-1990s, it was with a clear and proud tip of the hat to the original from Kansas - and so much greater was my enthusiasm when Kansas in Odense later agreed that we make our own version at their factories.

It's important to have heroes and it's important to send pay respect - our Janus jacket and our Klemens sailor knit are our versions of original workwear of the finest kind.” – Mads Nørgaard

Since then we have made many varieties of quilted jackets, or thermal jackets, both for women, men and for children. For men, the Janus Jacket is dominant, and for women the most recent variant is the Quilt Colina Jacket which features a Mads Nørgaard logo on the back. For boys the Januno jacket, Janus in the children's edition, is always in stock and the slightly longer Chilini jacket for girls has become a collection staple in the winter months.


Thermo Jacket  - The jacket that fills any need 

The thermo jacket and the thermo suit have gradually become clear wardrobe favorites across Scandinavia. In the big cities, the clothes are seen everywhere in the streets. With Mads Nørgaard's Janus and Kansas Jacket, thermo clothing became a fashion statement and today it is far from a garment that is only associated with work clothes. In addition to the fashionable and raw expression of thermo clothing, there is at least one other good reason that it has long been popular among workmen and -women. This is of course about the practical aspect that thermal clothing possesses. The thermo jacket, pants or suit keep the wind out, but do not make you sweat as it is only lined with a thin layer of cotton. It makes it practical and useful in many contexts. You can wear a thermal jacket like a jacket in spring, summer and autumn. Or as hot and insulating intermediate layer under a shell jacket, winter jacket or rain jacket in winter.


Women's quilted jackets

Thermo jackets have also become popular among women in recent years, and there is a high demand for thermo suits for ladies. Choose to pair a pair of thermo pants with a sweater, a pair of jeans with a thermal jacket or buy a set in a matching pattern. Compose eg. the Ripstop Quilt Colina Jacket with Ripstop Quilt Pansas Pants. Both are available in Navy Blue and Army Brown right now.


Men's quilted jackets

Thermo jackets are the obvious choice for men looking for a transition jacket or a spring or autumn jacket. Mads Nørgaard's Janus Quilt Jacket has been a part of our collections for many years. In an ever-changing world, the Janus jacket has retained its expression, which makes it an original Mads Nørgaard favorite. The jacket is, with its lightness and ability to keep the wind out, perfect for the unforeseen Scandinavian weather. It has a slim fit and a light padding. The Janus jacket is available in the classic colors, black and navy blue, and this season also in the new color Stargazer.

Kids' quilted jackets

Thermo clothing has also become extremely popular with children in recent years. They may always have been well presented at the playground, but lately it has also become something that older children will wear. The Januno jacket is now almost as frequent in parks and schools as is the Janus Jacket and Kansas Jacket in the city streets. Also the longer version for girls, Chilini, is popular.