This week we are proud to introduce the first Mads Nørgaard - Made in Denmark products. Together with, we have designed 6 styles exclusively available at Nørgaard and pop-up shop.

We are deeply in love with fashion and the changing of the times - and at the same time we also think that the western world is moving too fast at times. So - in order to slow things down a little, we are also in love with things that do not change, as long as they are fashionable. We think that all the new things sometimes come too fast. Often it feels as if new clothes and new fashion repeatedly replaces still functional clothing.

The first Mads Nørgaard - Made in Denmark pieces are 'Sustainability' in several senses of the word - both durable over time, durable in use and durable in design.  

Have a look at the small film made by to introduce this collaboration.