Paintings you can wear

Paintings you can wear

22-year-old Laura Hagested is a Design Student at the Danish School of Design. Besides her studies, Laura has started her own company where she produces silk scarves with her own prints inspired by art books. In addition to these, Laura has collaborated with the Danish brands Saks Potts and Mark Tan, with custom-made prints. We visited Laura in her home and went for a walk with her, in our new trench coat.  

Describe your work with textile design and where your inspiration comes from
I work mostly with prints and love to combine colors and shapes. I make both prints for other designers, among others I have worked for Saks Potts and Mark Tan, and then I have my own little company where I make scarves and other silk accessories. My motifs are mostly hand-drawn or painted, and I like to think about my prints as a way to give people paintings that they can wear. I mostly get inspired by art and browse through art books to gather material for moodboards and sketches. For example, many of the motives in my latest scarf collection I have found inspiration for in an old book with David Hockney posters I found in an antique store in Tokyo last summer.



Describe your wardrobe and what you are looking for when buying clothes
My wardrobe is not that big but it does run in many directions. I have a lot of silk dresses and shirts in colorful prints, that I have designed myself, but on a normal day I am most comfortable in pants and a sweater, so I like that too. When I buy clothes, I try to stick with things of proper quality, pieces that I know I will keep for many years to come. Recently I bought a pair of long boots from Phoebe Philo for Céline, which I cannot ever imagine parting with. Main rule: If I can not ride by bike in it, I'll never wear it.

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