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Meet Jewel in Berlin

Jewels. DJ and creative living in Berlin. Jewels runs electronic & techno parties under the name “Kilowatt” and works with his production company called “Test Test”.
Describe Berlin with three words
"Open. Exciting. Versatile." 

What are your favorite spots in Berlin?
"I like to spend time alone and be introvert as my job generally requires me to be in the extrovert scene. I like to go for walks in Mitte, at the Museumsinsel, or spend time in my home studio. I also like to dine by myself and try out new restaurants in my area."

What makes Berlin different from other European capitals?
"Berlin is very accessible. For example with music, even if you don’t have too much to do with it, you can easily explored. That’s how I also entered the creative world and got opportunities in different cities."


Watch the reel with Jewel on @madsnorgaard here

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