Fashion Editor Graham Addinall

Fashion Editor Graham Addinall

English man in Copenhagen, Graham Addinall is the fashion editor of Dossier magazine and a proper gentleman. We met him in his home at Vesterbro talking about his love for hawaiian shirts and colours.

'My main job is as Fashion Editor of Dossier magazine and freelance menswear stylist but I have a ‘patchwork career’ that comes of having a rather restless mind so I also do some design consultancy.  Alongside that I copy write for some big Danish lifestyle and design brands.  And finally I  teach design in a college in Barcelona sometimes!  No day is the same.

'I was trained as a psychologist originally, but then got offered a job as an assistant in the design department at Paul Smith in England.  It was when the company was still small and I got on well with the boss and head designer. I learned as I went along and ended up in charge of the mainline collection.  I was there for 18 years before moving to Copenhagen.'

I guess working with Paul Smith taught me not to be afraid of colour and print. It cheers me up in a dark northern country.  I honestly don’t think I own a single thing in black (though I have a ton of navy blue and grey).  And you can guarantee that if I wear a pink or yellow sweatshirt it will start a conversation at the supermarket check out. 

I think it’s interesting that men are often really afraid of colours and pattern and would never wear a long-sleeved bright shirt but then you put it in a short sleeved version and the perception is totally different and it’s seen as completely masculine even if the print is floral or tropical.  If I wear a long-sleeved floral shirt I feel like Cam from Modern Family.  If it’s short sleeved I feel like…er…  Magnum P.I?  That’s better right??!