FALL 2023

Our FALL 23 collection is presented by Xalli, Danish/Mexican emerging creative content creator and Anders Felsager, aspiring fashion designer working with bio-based materials as a future alternative to synthetic textiles.

Fall 2023 is inspired by two exceptional personalities, Andy Warhol and Harry Styles. Each representing their own generation, but both experimenting with fashion norms and challenging the definition of masculinity and femininity.


Find work wear styles, oversized shirts, everyday dresses and hints of pink and green. Fabrics and styles are casual, chic and comfortable.

Play around and mix and match as you please.

Explore the FALL 23 collection for women, men, and kids at our retailers, in Nørgaard paa Strøget, at Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen in Aarhus and Berlin and online at


 Xalli photgraphed by Nikolaj Møller in Copenhagen


Anders Felsager photographed by Nikolaj Møller in Copenhagen

Learn more about Anders' vision and design approach here.

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