At Home With Claudia Vega

At Home With Claudia Vega

Friend of the Mads Nørgaard House and the photographer shooting the lookbook for our recent Summer collection, Claudia Vega, has invited us inside her home in Copenhagen where she shows us her favorite styles from the Summer collection! 

During the lockdown Claudia has spent most of her time with her boyfriend in their newly acquired apartment renovating and putting together the final touches and details of their new home.


We have asked Claudia a few questions about her favorite summer look and the styles from our summer collection. 


"Danish summer is tricky - warm and inviting one day, and the next it can be grey and windy. So I like to dress in layers. Mads Nørgaard makes the best basic t-shirts and they manage to use classic materials such as denim and this season terry in a new and fresh way. I like to mix and match their classics with vintage - the key for me is always that it needs to be comfortable. A soft cotton tee and a pair of vintage jeans, are a win to me."



"For those warm days where you just want something flowy and easy to wear, this dress is perfect. I make sure to always pack a simple dress for my vacations, and they always end up being the thing I wear the most. This dress reminds me of warm summer evenings in France."

"This dress catches your eye. I love a good detail and a sculptural shape. This dress has both!"


"For some reason I’ve had a strained relationship to wearing yellow all my life. But it’s sneaking up on me now. You can’t help but to smile at something so bright."


"For those days I want to trade that t-shirt for something just a little more dressy. This shirt is the perfect middle ground. Still comfortable and soft, but with a little stripes and mix of color."

"I love to wear blue. This set is so comfortable, but still cute. I love wearing it around the apartment on a sunday morning - the terry fabric is so cozy. But put on a pair of sneakers and it can still pass, meeting my friends for lunch. Terry is something of an old classic, but made new and fresh, I like that!"