On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Wednesday 8 March, artist Ursula Reuter Christiansen, graphic designer Rasmus Koch, and fashion designer Mads Nørgaard launch a new collaboration. They present poppy-flowered dresses, jerseys, and t-shirts and invite everyone for an all-day event in Nørgaard paa Strøget of conversations and spoken words by a strong line-up of female writers.

Courage collection
Poppies have always been a motif in Reuter Christiansen’s work since her film “Skarpretteren” (The Executioner) from 1971. In the film the poppy refers to the violent aspects of the patriarchal society, but also becomes a symbol of resistance, resurrection, and lust.

“In my collaboration with Mads I was given free rein to let my dresses fight! My poppies wanted to go out into the world and spread the message. The result is stronger than I could have imagined from the beginning. Poetry on the body and a greeting to everyone believing in a future of equality,” says Reuter Christiansen.

The collection is created in a close collaboration between Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Mads Nørgaard, graphic designer Rasmus Koch and the hyperlocal micro factory Rodinia in Copenhagen’s Nordvest.

“As a feminist, March 8th is always special to me, and to be able to celebrate this occasion by a presentation of dresses in collaboration with Ursula Reuter Christiansen and Rasmus Koch is very unique. Moreover, we’ve managed to sew the collection in Ikast and produce it locally at the micro factory Rodinia in Nordvest. We are so proud of both the design and production, dresses with opinions, produced around the corner,” says Mads Nørgaard.

Women of Words
The film ‘Skarpretteren’ ends with “Courage! The next great moment in history is ours!” (in Danish: ”Fat Mod. Det næste store øjeblik i historien tilhører os!”). This quote is printed onto every style in the collection. The all-day event on March 8th in Mads Nørgaad’s flagship store Nørgaard paa Strøget presents a program of conversations and spoken words by female writers who interpret the iconic quote. The writers are Jessie Kleeman, Sabitha Söderholm, Fie Martens Ljungmann, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Nazila Kivi, Melanie Kitti, Aaiún Nin, Cecilie Lind, Emma Rosenzweig, Pernille Abd-el Dayem, Asta Olivia Nordenhof and Stine Pilgaard.

The collection is launched March 8th and will be available exclusively in Nørgaard paa Strøget, Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen in Aarhus, selected retailers and at All revenue will be donated to the organization Danner working to eliminate violence against women by empowerment, and by protection, prevention, and advocacy.

The Women of Words program takes place March 8th from 11.30 - 17.00 in Nørgaard paa Strøget and is open to everyone.
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