My favourite place in Morocco is the coastal town of Essaouira. An 18th century fortified city located three hours south of Marrakesh. And very non-touristy.

The weather in Essaouira is perfect all year round, but in January it’s nestled nicely around 22 degrees. Temperatures can get crazy high during summer. The easiest way to get around is by taxi, but the adventurous type should rent a car and explore a bit.

I usually stay in the french owned resort, Riad Baoussala, on the outskirts of Essasouira. It’s the definition of piece and quiet as well as both pretty and authentic. Another insanely picturesque hotel is the colorful Villa Maroc in the Essaouira. Even if you are not staying, make sure to visit for the great food and the unprecedented view of the bay, citadel and the Atlantic Ocean

Nothing beats the Moroccan breakfast at Riad Baoussala. It is best enjoyed poolside with freshly squeezed orange juice and a side of homemade pancakes.

My favourite restaurant in Essaouira is Elixir. It’s quite legendary among locals. The style of cuisine is Italian, but the decor of the restaurant is a perfect mix of Verner Panton meets Jimi Hendrix. Quite the place.

Morocco is a great place to travel with kids. When you go to the playground, you get to meet the locals in a different and honest way. And not only when they serve you at restaurants, bars and hotels. I guess that applies anywhere in the world.

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