Please join us for a delicate tasting and sensory experience at the launch of Kille Enna Aroma in Nørgaard at Amagertorv 13.

When: Saturday February 28th 2015
Time: 10.00-12.00

Kille Enna Aroma is a Swedish based aroma studio founded in 2014 by Danish chef and author Kille Enna. We compose mesmerising scent and flavour moments for water. When sprayed into a glass, it first gives you an intoxicating olfactory experience. Then water is added, now follows a moment of pure natural scent, accompanied by a delicate flavour splash with a smoothly diluted intensity. 

Kille aims to create true emotions from true plant materials of exceptionally high quality. Her goal is to bring out unexpected aromatic chords by her choice and combination of dried and fresh roots, seeds and bark, flowers and herbs. Therefore no ready-made essential oils or extracts are used.

Kille Enna Aroma has required years of experimentation with extracts made exclusively from raw plant materials. Years of adjustments, comparisons and simply waiting for the development of the natural sensory qualities. An ongoing process of solitude, focus and pure excitement.

This process takes place in Kille's studio in Southern Sweden - a remote sensory library filled with countless vintage prototypes still evolving into new fine aromas.

The final aromas are made in a small family run factory in Denmark. Each aroma is filtered by hand, without pressure and allowed to rest. A extraction technique with a duration of months, developed by Kille for this project only. Every step from extraction, filtration, filling to packing is done by the same few hands. 

Visit Kille Enna Aroma website here

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