Springtime has arrived. At least in spirit. And as daffodils, erantis and other floral indicators of spring slowly crawl through the soil, we present our to-do list for the month of March. Happy reading and happy exploring.

DOX Galore
It’s that time of year. CPH:DOX is back, again with an impressive line-up of domestic and international documentaries. The Copenhagen fan favourite is spanning 10 days with documentary screenings in both conventional cinemas and more experimental places throughout the city. Act fast as tickets for CPH:DOX are usually a hot commodity.

March 16th - 26th
Across cinemas and alternative venues throughout Copenhagen

Adding to the Empire
Kihoskh is probably the most well known corner store in Copenhagen. And with good reason. Every time the temperature crawls above 10 degrees, the small hang out on Sdr. Boulevard seems to attract most of the neighborhood to the small patch of grass in front. Now there’s another reason to visit the locally famed corner. The forces behind Kihoskh have now opened up a beautiful, oriental inspired bar with an impossible name right next door. Go for breakfast, toasts, coffee, beer and general good times.

Now open
Sdr. Boulevard 53
1720 København V

Hit the brakes as Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek once again do after hours the slow way. This one’s about the men and the masculinity that reside inside the insanely beautiful museum as well as the general influence of men in art history. SLOW is a combination of talks, music, art. And food; a long-table dinner is on in the museums banquet hall.

February 9th, 17 - 22
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Dantes Plads 7
1556 København V

Wining and Dining
Take three chefs with experience from Restaurant 108, Noma, Studio, Radio and Ved Stranden 10 and a vast selection of wine. What you get is Ancestrale, the latest addition to the growing and ambitious Vesterbro dining scene. Here, wine is king and the selection is one worthy. The food is represented by a set five course seasonal menu and is very modestly priced at 375 DKK. A bargain.

Open now
Oehlenschlægersgade 12
1663 København V

Reykjavik, Norrebro
For one day in March, Reykjavik comes to Nørrebro. Ragnar Eiriksson of Dill Restaurant in the Icelandic capital is taking his Michelin heralded talents to Nørrebro and Restaurant Spontan, where he’ll join Christian Gadient in the kitchen. The two master chefs are joining forces to create a collaborative six course dinner paired with both a wine and beer menu.

Restaurant Spontan x Dill Restaurant
March 11
Restaurant Spontan
Guldbergsgade 29F
220 København N

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