What a time to be alive. Aarhus is culture capital on behalf of the world, the darkness that has been weighing us down for the last two months is slowly retracting and, as always, your trusted friends from Mads Nørgaard are at hand with all the best stuff to do February. Sure to get you through the final stretch of winter with a smile still on your face. Let's get cracking.

The Entire World in Vesterbro
Once the most sad piece of real estate in Copenhagen, now the latest in a seemingly unlimited line of food markets. Westmarket is the first of its kind to grace Vesterbro and your latest supplier of gastronomic gems from all over our diverse globe. Now you just have to decide which corner of the world to visit.

Vesterbrogade 97
1620 København V

Body talk
Ever needed a reason to visit Ishøj? Well, here’s a pretty good one, as Arken put the body on display and up for debate during the exhibition, Gosh! Is It alive? You’ll see the extremely lifelike from Tony Matelli, the obscure from Patricia Piccinini and the enormous from Ron Mueck. The giant babygirl by Mueck, who is probably the little sister to Boy in Aros, has arrived at Arken to stay as part of the museums permanent collection.

Gosh! Is It Alive
From February 4th
Skovvej 100
2635 Ishøj

Cultural Friday Bar
We’re staying on our favourite topic, and strongly advice you make your way to Statens Museum for Kunst as the brilliant museum is back with SMK Fridays #25, the first of 2017. This one evolves around Japanese art and culture from the late 18th century and is going to be accompanied by a special live music performance in collaboration with the Frost Festival.

SMK Friday
February 10th
Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48 - 59
1307 København K

Off Season
Speaking of Frost Festival. The brilliant winter festival is back again with live shows aplenty throughout Copenhagen. This year you can listen to the talented Bisse in concert at a private home somewhere in Copenhagen, go see Cancer at Designmuseum Denmark or check out another of the many great acts playing creative venues.

Frost Festival
February 4th - 26th
Throughout Greater Copenhagen

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