The Favorite Journal - Gordon

Logistic Manager, Gordon Jensen, has been a part of Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen since 2014. Gordon loves to skate and when he does not manage the warehouse, webshop and last but not least our yearly highlight; our shop at Roskilde Festival, he jumps on the board and skates the ramps of his favourite spot in Copenhagen - Fælledparken skate park.
Gordon wears our Favorite long sleeved T-shirt Tobias Long.

What is your relationship with the skatepark in Fælledparken? I still remember arriving in Copenhagen with the early morning train from the “dark” parts of Jutland back in the mid 90’s - and the trip went straight to Fælledparken. We skated across the city and past the many buildings, mixed with old and new architecture and the possibilities seemed endless at the time.
Fælledparken was, for me, the essence of Copenhagen! A free space in the middle of this big city, with room for everybody, no matter their age, background or looks. Whether it back then was the good times at Prygl i Parken or just the mutual love for skateboarding, Fælledparken has always been a place I have cherished and found peace. 
Back then the skatepark was not quite the park it is today. Today we have one of the biggest and best parks in Europe, which is visited by skateboarders from all over the world. 
Today I share the same experience all over with my kids, who has been with me in the park since they learnt how to walk. They also see the many opportunities the architecture of the park give and the endless lines you can create on a skateboard. 

What makes the perfect outfit when you skate? 
For me it is important to be able to move freely, without it getting too loose. For an autumn morning like today, the Favorite long sleeved T-shit Tobias Long does the trick for me. Classic and comfortable - there is no reason to complicate things more than necessary. 


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