Sofie Sundby

We visited 24 year old Sofie Sundby. Sofie is studying Furniture Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Together with two fellow students, they have created a chair made of recycled plastic. We visited the workspace where the chair was created, to hear more about the project. Sofie was wearing our striped wrap dress.


"It started out as a school project, but it has developed quite a lot since that. It consists of two chairs, I have made in collaboration with two with fellow students Timian Westerberg and Frederikke Wild. The chairs are made of recycled HDPE plastic we have got sponsored by a company called AVL A/S, they collect, clean and granulate plastic from Danish households so that it can be reused in new production.The project was to make a piece of recycled plastic furniture that can be used again in the future. We began by making a lot of material experiments, where we tested different manufacturing methods and found the aesthetics that the chair now has, which slightly resembles terrazzo. We found out that we could make this sheet material by pressing the plastic in steel molds. The next step is to find a production partner who can help us make the sheet material from which the chair is built. If we had a production, we could work more freely with the aesthetics and the structure of the chair without having to make the material itself. We have also talked to various places about exhibiting the chair, but we have not yet reached it, because we still want to work on the shape and the material. "
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