At Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen we do not run against the clock, nor do we run to go faster. We run to brighten our minds and fuel the free thinking. We encourage you to run, but also to stop and look at the city around you.

We are really proud to present our newest collaboration, a collection made for running together with Danish sportswear brand Saysky. The collection consists of a jacket, tights, a pair of shorts, a woolen long sleeved t-shirt and a singlet. The colors are dark blue and white with a mix of classic stripes, polka dots and Saysky’s star shaped logo.

It was important to let Saysky be in charge of all details from a runner’s perspective. The clothing is made for an active life, but the design blends in with our everyday wardrobe.

The collection is sold at Mads Nørgaard and Saysky stockists with prizes ranging from 300-800 DKK.

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