Our Courage-collection is produced by the hyper-locale micro-factory Rodinia Generation.

Designer and founder Trine Young aims to revolutionize the fashion industry. Together with a team of 11 developers and engineers, she runs the start-up micro-factory Rodinia Generation in Copenhagen. The factory works with robot technology to create zero waste production and eliminate overproduction in the fashion industry.

We are proud to collaborate with Rodinia who has produced our Courage collection and made 628 unique pieces of wearable art. Each item is made completely without water, using biodegradable colors on certified organic and recycled textiles.

”Compared to how we usually produce clothing in the fashion industry, Rodinia Generation offers a way of producing very small amounts in the sizes that you want, from day to day. Usually, in my line of business, the minimum is 300, and it takes at least 3 months to get the final product. Rodinia Generation is completely turning the whole thing upside down. They make zero waste because what is wasted can be reused instantly afterwards. It is a revolution in the way of producing clothing.” – Mads Nørgaard

Read more about Rodinia Generation here

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