In the Spring of 2015 performance artist Nana-Francisca Schottländer moved into our window in our store on Strøget. The performance was a part of the work ‘Please Be Here Now’: A non-stop performance that went on for four days where she slept, ate, read and interacted with bystanders and guests in the window.

‘Please Be Here Now’ was a unique and incredible project that we here at Mads Nørgaard are very proud of being a part of. And that’s why we have collected images, text and ideas about the work in a book that we are launching Thursday April 7 2016.

The book is published in 500 copies and Nana-Francisca Schöttlander is numbering and signing all copies in our store window from 4pm-6pm on the day of publication.

The book is for sale for 50 kr. And since you made the trip to the store you should also check out our cultural corner ‘Let’s Exchange’ where Nana-Francisca Schöttlander has picked her favorites in music, literature and magazines.

The event is open to everyone. We can’t wait to see you.

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