Some consider The Palads building just another structure – Others consider it a jewel in the Copenhagen cityscape. Some believe The Palads building should be torn down and replaced by yet another sparkling high-rise – Others believePoulGernes’ colorful building should be preserved.

We consider The Palads building a boisterous building, demanding well-deserved attention by the city surrounding it. 

The Palads building dares to be something that other buildings dare not – and this is what we have to preserve. 

In 2021 Gernes-Fonden and Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen designed a #101 t-shirt, knitted in Ikast and sown in our design studio in Korsør. The colour design has was created by Ulrikka Gernes, daughter of Poul Gernes.

 The profit was directed towards a competition about the shaping of the future purpose of The Palads building. The competition was organized by Gernes-Fonden as part of the exhibition Copenhagen, Love & Candyfloss shown at Copenhagen Contemporary during Autumn 2021. 

Good News from Egmont

The Palads building will be preserved.


Best Regards

Ulrikka Gernes and Mads Nørgaard

Copenhagen, April 2022





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