Mixtape #8

Welcome to mixtape #8 in our mixtape series. This time around, Jonas Visti delivers a soundtrack that will contribute to your listening experience. 

Danish radio host Jonas Visti takes you on a journey starting in Brazil, and from there transcending time and space; visiting almost every continent and the last 5 centuries. An African musical heritage is distinctly evident throughout Jonas' selection, and the beautiful journey eventually takes us back to the motherland, before landing in the US with the Archie Whitewater's classic "Cross Country". 

Besides hosting various shows on DR P8 Jazz, Jonas can be found DJ'ing all over Denmark, mainly in Copenhagen. Currently, he is absent from the scene, as he is living in Brazil, where he is recording and producing a Brazilian record digging special of his weekly show "Visti's Vinyler".

Listen to mixtape #8 here 


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