Mads NørGAARD - The word “gaard” means farm in Danish

We went for a visit to three old farms, where the classic Islandic Knit always has been a big part of the farm life. 

Siff, Jakob, Alfred og Villiam
Siff and Jakob and their children, Alfred and Villiam, recently moved to the countryside after living in Copenhagen most of their lives - Pursuing life surrounded by nature and spending most of the time outside on the farm. 

Lotte & Peter
Lotte & Peter have been living together in their timber-framed farmhouse for 40 years. Wearing the Icelandic knit as a part of their everyday work uniform, to stay warm during changing seasons.

Tina, Michael og Adam
Tina and Michael with their grandchild Adam and the dog Mille in front of their farmhouse, that has been the frame of their everyday life since 1990. Like many others from their generation of the early 60’s the Icelandic knit was the look of their youth - worn under a denim or anorak jacket. 

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