Josephine Kuhn, born 1993, is a writer (columns and nonfiction) and (together with Nanna Elizabeth Hovgaard) host, producer and creator of the podcasts Fries Before Guys, Tinder Greatest and Fries Up Your Life and writes columns and nonfiction.

Josephine Kuhn about being a size 46
"I have often had the experience of going into a changing room and then coming out crying.  It sounds dramatic, but it has been because of standing and trying on a lot of things that just don’tsuit my body... I've felt like a sausage roll.  I've been embarrassed.  Being a size 46 and finding some cool clothes has just been extremely difficult for me.  It should be a privilege for all bodies to be able to get into some quality clothing that you know has been produced in a proper way, that you can wear for many years, and which, on top of that, fits really well, regardless of what size you are.  For me, it is touching when I have that experience.”

Josephine Kuhn on the responsibility of the fashion industry
"I want to support more clothing designers making quality clothes for people of all sizes.  I want us to stop the phenomenon of the industry only using fat people on the catwalk for Fashion Week if it is not then followed up with action in the actual collections - that thing about only doing it when it looks cool and you can score points for it.  It's probably an expensive and difficult thing to do, but the conversation about how many people the fashion industry excludes needs to start now.  Many more clothing designers need to start taking that question seriously.”

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