The re-occurring art festival Chart Art Fair is coming up. An event we are once again extremely proud to partner here at Mads Nørgaard. But this year we’ve taken the relationship a step further. Mads Nørgaard now has the distinct pleasure of turning the slogan “DANISH MODERNITY IS ETERNAL” by the Canadian Multi artist Douglas Coupland, into a limited run of t-shirts. The slogan is one of 14 different prints.

The prints that will double as both art and fashion are made by Coupland specifically for this year’s Chart Art Fair. The body of work is presented under the main theme DANISH MODERNITY IS ETERNAL. And from this perspective he has brilliantly created a series of text based prints that strive to sum up the complex and conflicting considerations that run through almost every modern Danish citizen. 14 different prints, both humorous and thoughtful.

When it comes to Douglas Coupland it’s hard to establish whether his pen or his paintbrush is mightier. This series of prints is yet another proof of his vast span of talent, and his ability to phrase a certain feeling in our society and package it in a visually beautiful way. Exactly as he did with a whole generation in his nineties bestseller, Generation X. Did anyone say multitalent. We can’t wait to join forces with Mr. Coupland

Chart Art Fair is kicking of on the 26th of August at Charlottenborg Kunsthal. The printed t-shirts will be available exclusively through Mads Nørgaard at Amagertorv and will be displayed alongside the artwork. We are happy to be in on the action.

Check out the Chart Art Fair program and read more here

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