Mads Nørgaard renames Black Friday to Culture Friday

On Friday 25 November, the international consumer phenomenon Black Friday will take over all of Denmark and several retailers will lower prices. That doesn't happen with Mads Nørgaard. Instead of price reductions, everyone who shops online at Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen can get a free cultural experience with their purchase.

Culture is the new black. At Mads Nørgaard, Black Friday is renamed Culture Friday with a call to everyone to experience and support local cultural life. On 25 November, from 00.00 and for the next 24 hours, you can choose a free gift card for five selected cultural institutions with your purchase in Mads Nørgaard's webshop. The gift card goes to either Louisiana in Humlebæk, the Grand Theatre in Copenhagen, Kunsten in Aalborg, Øst for Paradis in Aarhus or the Vejen Art Museum. The ambition is to continue Culture Friday for the next several years with a new selection of experiences that cover a wide swath of the country from exhibitions and films to talks and concerts.

Fashion, art and culture
For the past five years, Mads Nørgaard's web-shop has been closed during Black Friday. As an activist symbol, the company chose to do inventory in order to distance itself from the sales hype. This year, the web-shop will be kept open, but with a different focus than most other retailers.

"We have worked with fashion for over 40 years and see it as our responsibility to try to lift the industry to a better, more considered place. Therefore, we chose to close our web store on Black Friday in the hope of discussing our role and behaviour as clothing manufacturers. From today we want to make a difference in a different way. We focus on art and culture and hope that even more people will use the city and get involved in the fantastic, local cultural offerings we surround ourselves with," says Mads Nørgaard.

With Culture Friday, Mads Nørgaard continues the fashion house' tradition of promoting art and culture. Over the years, Mads Nørgaard has collaborated with young talents and established artist names such as Danish Jeanette Ehlers, Swiss Pipilotti Rist and Danish Nana-Francisca Schotländer. The latter moved into Nørgaard on Strøget's window for three days as part of a performance piece. In 2023, the company looks forward to even more artistic collaborations to launch new collections and celebrate special occasions.

Culture Friday at runs 24hours, starting Friday zero o’clock. The free gift card covers a ticket to the chosen destination and is valid for minimum a year. The ticket is send directly to the customer’s email after purchase.

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