When Roskilde Festival starts this weekend, we celebrate 10 years with Mads Nørgaard at the festival. For mark the anniversary Mads has created a Roskilde Festival playlist.

This year you will find our store in Trade Zone West between Orange Stage and Avalon. In addition to previous collections at discounted prices this year we have created a sweatshop where you can customize your purchases with prints from our printing machine.

In addition to that we have made a mini collection of striped Mads Nørgaard merchandise that will be available in our shop at the festival site. Here you will find a travel hair brush, a power bank, a lighter, a raincoat and more.

To warm up to the festival, or as a consolation to those of you who are not going, we have created a playlist with some of the best experiences Roskilde Festival has had to offer from 1978 to today.

Mads Nørgaard has highlighted some of his best concert experiences, including Bob Marley in 1978, PJ Harvey in 2011 and latest Solange in 2017.

If you are missing some festival gear, check out our Festival Collection, where we have collected all the items we think work best at a festival.

You can hear the entire playlist on our Spotify profile or right here.

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